What Does Your Tattoo Say About You?

Not all tattoos are cool, but when they are done right a tattoo can be the best accessory you ever buy. A lifelong investment, tattoos provide outsiders with a tiny glimpse into our inner personalities. It doesn’t matter whether you got your tattoo on a drunken night out while on a lads holiday in Magaluf or spent hours and hours intricately planning and designing your latest ink, tattoos say more about you than most would ever think. After recently getting tattooed myself at the wonderful Tribe Tattoo in Edinburgh, it got me thinking, what exactly does your tattoo say about you?

Tattoo of the Globe

globe tattoo

Nothing screams gap yah more than a tattoo of the globe or compass. You probably got it done on a beach somewhere in South East Asia, while you pondered the meaning of life and your new found serenity. You thought you were being really original when you first got it but now you are back from your travels you realise that there are hundreds of other nomads who have returned to civilisation with exactly the same tattoo as you.

Tattoo Sleeve

tattoo sleeve

Tattoo sleeves are not for the faint hearted. They are a serious commitment yet if you get it done well they look great. The stereotypical owner of a sleeve tattoo in 2017probably likes to bench press a lot and drinks on average 10 protein shakes a day – how else is one to show off all the blood, sweat and tears it took to get your perfect tattoo sleeve if not on a muscly pair of biceps? Not exclusively for guys, girls with tattoo sleeves like to think of themselves as beyond the mainstream.

Subtle Tattoos

tattoo subtle

The types of person to get a subtle tattoo are generally quite sensible, with a rebellious streak. You’re aware of your future career and don’t want to jeopardise it in anyway by getting a glaring tattoo anywhere easily visible. You were also very aware of what your parent might say when you first got it so chose to get one you can hide from them for as long as possible. However despite these restraints weighing down on you, you went ahead and got a tattoo, just to prove that you’re not so boring after all.

The Drunk Tattoo


We all know a person who woke up on holiday with some sort of hilarious tattoo plastered to their body. They may or may not have done it for a round of free shots, no one fully remembers but what is certain is the legendary status they have just cemented for the rest of the trip. Hopefully it’s not too exposed or the holiday blues may leave you investing the remainder of your savings on tattoo removal.

Of course people change but tattoos do not. So think before you ink, you’re future, middle aged, self will thank you later.

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