Saving the Planet is Cool, Literally

If you’re not already leading an eco-friendly life, you need to start. Wasting endless amounts of energy and polluting the atmosphere is not only extremely uncool, it’s also just down right selfish.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade, or your name is Donald Trump, you will be aware of the endless reports of rising temperatures, shrinking ice caps and an increase in extreme weather – otherwise collectively known as climate change. It’s easy to feel disconnected from all of this. Your average Joe won’t be an atmospheric scientist, work for NASA or be a member of Greenpeace. But you don’t have to be a tree hugging hippy or have a degree in earth science to do you bit for the planet. A few simple changes to your lifestyle collectively can make a huge difference. Here are a couple of handy tips for what you can do to help the environment.

climate change 1

Eat Less Meat

As a major contributor to manmade greenhouse gases, the meat industry is a driving force in climate change. Contributing to over a fifth of the planets’ pollution, way more than transportation, reducing the worlds’ excessive consumption of meat is a vital component in combating global warming. Lives stalk also have an incredibly large water footprint. It is estimated that the production of 1kg of meat uses 43000 litres of water to produce! With water supplies depleting globally, reducing meat consumption will not only reduce pollution but also water depletion. If that’s not enough motivation to cut down on your steaks and burgers, eating less meat reduces heart disease, limits your risk of developing cancer, helps reduce antibiotic resistant diseases and will save you money on your shopping bills. Check out this eat less meat blog for more information on the benefits of eating less meat.

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Use Public Transport

Owning your own car is often regarded as a rite of passage for young people starting off their adult lives. Having access to a car is pretty much a standard in western society and most would argue a necessity in everyday modern life. However ditching the car for the bus or train will dramatically cut your greenhouse gas emissions. It’s also more enjoyable as you can sit back and relax. If you’ve got kids you can focus on them rather than the road. Taking the train for longer distances will also cut your journey times. A trip from Edinburgh to London could take up to 10 hours in a car and is only 4 using the train.

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Create an eco-friendly home

Heating our homes is the single highest consumer of energy for the vast majority of households. As desirable as it would be to get rid of our heating systems, living in Northern Europe means that this is almost impossible. However there are many energy and money saving opportunities to be made through out your home. Switching to renewable energy instead of gas or electric is highly recommended.  Using air source heat pumps or biomass technology to heat your home use less electricity and are a greener way to heat your home.  It also important to ensure your boiler is working sufficiently and not losing energy through the flu. Ensuring your plumbing is in order will save energy and money. For handy tips on how to get your plumbing in order check out plumber parts.

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With our helpful advice above you don’t have to do much to help the environment. Simple lifestyle changes make all the difference. Don’t be a loser, start doing your bit for the planet today!


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