Are City Breaks Still Cool?

So you’re thinking of getting away for a few days. And why not? It’s Christmas and New Year time, so it’s time to party! And celebrate the right way with a memorable trip away from the usual. Are city breaks still the cool thing to do? Or has some other form of vacation become more popular for young people? Lets find out.

So lets think about it? Is visiting a city for only a few days as popular as it used to be? At first you might not think so. With so many beach destinations of choice such as Ibiza, Mallorca and the likes of Croatia, some might think the days of going to Berlin, Paris and Rome aren’t what they were.

At This Is Not Cool, we would like to otherwise.  Of course, going to the likes of Ibiza is a different holiday, with the beach vibe but certain city breaks offer this and more like the many serviced apartments in Barcelona near to the beach.  With a city break you can get so much more out of the experience. Whether that’s touring some cool bars, eating in popular restaurants or sampling some fantastic history at some of the local attractions.

For example, if you want to see a gig (in the winter months) it will be difficult to see your favourite band at a beach resort as their most likely at a big venue like  at the Accor Hotels Arena in Paris. A city break offers something different and not all of us want the beach, we want to have different options and that’s why the big cities will and always will remain popular for groups, families, couples and explorers.

Yes the beach is great but when you’re in the city, you feel lost, you feel more of a citizen than a tourist that has the freedom to do anything they want.

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