Are You Not Entertained?

Home entertainment systems are always a part of a dream living room for any hard working person. There’s no romanticised idea of the late 20th Century than coming home and watching your favourite show on your massive TV. These units went from a simple glass cabinet to shelf heaven.  This first unit has roughly 36 shelves for all your VHS needs.  It has the privilege of taking up two walls and is a joy to have to dust every week. Then there are those units that become something of a family heirloom. When it comes to upgrading your TV to a new model, don’t worry if it doesn’t fit the cabinet. Do what these geniuses did and just plonk it on top. That way everyone in the room gets an undisrupted view.

These bizarre options go to show that poor planning when purchasing and decorating a home can have disastrous results. Finding help like this Newquay estate agent should help you stay on the right track.

entertainment system new tv no space old cubby holes

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