Is Football Still Fun for the Spectator in the Modern Game?

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Reasons why Fans Think Football Has Lost Its Appeal

Football has drastically changed over the last 50 years and many say not for the better. In terms of quality of players, transfers being paid by clubs and the money involved within the game. Many fans say football is losing its touch with its roots, as being a game for working class and not simply a playground for billionaires to spend their fortunes.

As clubs are becoming richer than they have ever before in terms of revenue they can bring in through TV rights, sponsorship, merchandising and bigger cash prizes for winning trophies. All the benefits that this money can bring, clubs are still charging higher and higher prices to their loyal fans to watch a game of football. A lot of supporters are feeling they are being ripped off for simply wanting to watch their favourite team play by money men running the club.

The resentment from fans is aimed at the teams who play in the bigger leagues as gap between the clubs and their supporters is incredible. With players and directors earning a sicking amount of money in year that a regular fan wouldn’t earn in a lifetime. This where they feel money has tarnished football and moved it far away from being a game for the working class and not a game for the rich. The clubs in the English Premier League could still make a huge profit, if they were to let fans in for free over a course of season.


Other Ways In Which To Watch a Live Game of Football

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The way in which we watch football has changed, as they are so many way to watch a game either through streaming, links on the internet, TV having a lot more live game and clubs who have their own broadcasting channels to show their games. This has been very beneficial for the game has its made it view-able for everyone. With all this cover its basically on nearly on every day. Another benefit it’s very hard to miss a match as they are so many option to watch a live game and not having a ticket or the right broadcaster cannot prevent from missing out.


The Fun in Football

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For all of football faults it is still considered to be the best sport in the world. The amount of people who either attend a game or watch it is staggering. Football is on a global scale and it is known to be one language we can all understand regardless from where we are from.

Football brings out a lot of emotion from people and probably is the best part of being involved in the game. For 90 minutes who can go through a roller-coaster of emotions and its means a lot to everyone. Especially if the game is an important one or if your team score a last minute winner. The reactions your get from fans, managers and players shows how much passion there is for the game.

Football is so unpredictable that it creates exciting games or memorable achievements you didn’t think were possible. I believe that’s why we keep going back to see what will be next thing football will bring up- have a look to see if there’s a game which will take your fancy



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