Protecting your Finances


When it comes to protecting our finances, no matter what you earn it is something we should all consider as a vital part of life. Ensuring all your affairs are organised will prevent any issues should unexpected problems arise. There is no better time to do this than now. Young people especially may not think these are necessary measures to be taken but it is often easier to start when your earnings are low rather than wait until your income has increased and you own assets like a car or a home.

There are certain guidelines you can follow to ensure your financial future is protected and you are making the necessary preparations to make sure your future is secure. Read more…

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Saving the Planet is Cool, Literally

If you’re not already leading an eco-friendly life, you need to start. Wasting endless amounts of energy and polluting the atmosphere is not only extremely uncool, it’s also just down right selfish.

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Top Places Around the World to Get a Tattoo

Tattoos are a modern day symbol of today’s generation and are becoming more popular with the number of people getting tattoos increasing as well as the large publicity of tattoos through social media and other sources. Nowadays, it seems as though everywhere you look you see someone with ink. With the desire for tattoos growing, people are constantly looking for new ways to be unique and creative with their tattoo choices.

Originality seems to be a huge factor when it comes to choosing the right tattoo as many people end up unhappy with their ink causing tattoo removal services to be on the rise. Many clinics, like this one based in the UK, are constantly growing their resources to provide the most up to date advancements in tattoo removal.

Not only is it important for people to make sure their tattoos are unlike anyone else’s, people are now taking extreme measures to travel distances to seek out the most talented tattoo artists who will create the perfect piece.

Travelling far for the ultimate tattoo may not just be about the quest for the ideal artist. For those who are passionate about travel, getting a tattoo while on their expedition of exploring the world can be a thrilling and memorable experience, as well as creating a permanent memory of a special place that they personally connected with and share a deep sense of meaningfulness and adoration for.


Tattoo Studios Famed by Reality TV

In the early 2000s, the boom of reality TV brought us an interesting new concept of entertainment; the tattoo shop reality show. From this stemmed popular TV shows such as LA Ink which created fame for the now, well-known tattoo artist Kat Von D who adopted a celebrity status which has led her to thrive in her career. These days, Von D and her team of ink gurus can be found at her LA studio, High Voltage.

The reality show trend has created enormous publicity and success for the studios featured on their own TV shows. It is becoming more common for people to travel far and wide to have a chance at scoring a seat in the famous chair. However, reserving a session at any of these studios is not an easy task as the appointment book is always full, making it an extremely exclusive experience sought-after by many ink enthusiasts.

As well as LA, specific studios in Miami, New York, London and even Bondi Beach, Australia have become tattoo landmarks due to reality TV. These famous studios have become a mecca for tattoo lovers and the competition is high for a spot on the wait list.

Tattoos for the Free-Spirited Soul

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As tattooing dates back to ancient cultures from thousands of years ago it is common to find these traditional methods still carried out today in specific areas. In countries such as Thailand, a popular destination for the free-thinking traveller, old methods of tattooing are very popular. In these regions, the technique is performed using bamboo sticks to poke the needle into the skin to inject ink.

Although this procedure is more time consuming than modern practices of tattooing, it is proved to be less painful and provide a quick healing time of a day or two, which is perfect for travellers itching to get back into the ocean. Not everyone is familiar with this practice of tattooing and people often have questions about the procedure. Many bamboo studios provide answers to these queries, like this studio in Thailand:

Traditional tattooing is an exciting and unique experience for tattoo lovers and even for someone who is getting their first tattoo. It gives travellers the opportunity to engage in a spiritual ritual that has existed for thousands of years while giving themselves a permanent gift that will always be there to remind them of their time spent far from home within a fascinating culture which they fell in love with.

Whether your passion for tattoos takes you on a journey in search of the best artist, for an exclusive experience in a famed studio, or simply wanting to be a part of one of history’s oldest art traditions, travelling and tattoos are a modern day duo telling people’s individual stories all over the world.

What Does Your Tattoo Say About You?

Not all tattoos are cool, but when they are done right a tattoo can be the best accessory you ever buy. A lifelong investment, tattoos provide outsiders with a tiny glimpse into our inner personalities. It doesn’t matter whether you got your tattoo on a drunken night out while on a lads holiday in Magaluf or spent hours and hours intricately planning and designing your latest ink, tattoos say more about you than most would ever think. After recently getting tattooed myself at the wonderful Tribe Tattoo in Edinburgh, it got me thinking, what exactly does your tattoo say about you?

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There…I fixeded it!

No one likes to spend money on expensive and potentially unnecessary repairs, so it’s no wonder chains such as B&Q, Home Depot and Homebase are so popular for ‘DIYers’. Read more…


Radiator Fails

Embarking on a new DIY project is often an exciting thing and allows you not only to exercise your crafty skill but also allows you to stamp your signature on whatever project you have under taken. Read more…

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How NOT to decorate the WC

That extra toilet you have in a tiny room of the house in need of a makeover? Sometimes it takes more than just a lick of paint on the wall or a new seat cover. Read more…