Lets Get Back To The Basics Of Music

These days when you go to a concert you expect to listen to a few songs, have fun with friends, maybe have a few drinks, go home and the next day talk about how great the experience was.

Sometimes it doesn’t end up like that. It seems there are issues from people not even at the concert on the conduct of the performer, on the songs being played and the general interaction that the artist has with his or her fans.

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Are Crocs Cool?

Love them or hate them, Crocs have been around for well over ten years now, and aren’t going anywhere soon. Often called the ugliest shoes in the world, they still have a fanbase that includes Dame Helen Mirren so is it ever acceptable to wear them, and if so when? Read more…

Owner of the home in the hit TV series Breaking Bad is having to stop the shows fans from throwing pizza on her roof as was done in the 3rd season by the shows main character Walter White. We have an interview in this video on the homes real owner.

Breaking Bad has taken of all over the world and now you can have what seem like Breaking Bad anything from Hoodies, Action Figures, Breaking Bad iPhone Cases and Breaking Bad Bags. It seems to one very popular show.