Is The Rock Genre Dead?

We’re in a day and age where rock music doesn’t have as much influence as it once did. Gone are the days where the likes of ACDC, Aerosmith and even later with the likes of Nirvana and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers would drive the bus of what’s cool and influential. Let’s discuss further.

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Are Europeans More Open Than The UK?

It’s all that seems to  be talked about right now, Brexit and how it will affect us.  How much will prices go up? How will it bother travelling in the EU etc.  At the end of the day though we’re still European and it got me thinking, is the rest of Europe more open than us? Lets find out.

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Unusual Mediterranean Dishes

Pretty much everybody unanimously agrees that Mediterranean cuisine is pretty up there when it comes to crowd pleasing favourites. From pasta to pizza to biscotti with coffee, what’s not to love?! There are a few weird and wacky dishes of the Med lurking out there though… Read on to find out about some of the weirder culinary delights of the region. Read more…