Living With People Who Hate Your Music

Let’s pain the picture. You’re in university or your first ever job and you’re living with a couple of roommates. You realise that you all don’t have the same taste in music and that sets the alarm bells off.

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Budapest – Cool, Cringy or Both?

Budapest has long been a favourite destination for lots of tourists.  With the meandering streets, cool clubs and rich history it has a lot to offer. But it also has its less appealing side, the sleazy side. Let’s find out if the city is really the city of cool in Eastern Europe or if it’s a place you should avoid.

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Is Paris The Artistic Capital Of Europe?

Paris is a city of culture, history, art and fashion.  Is it the capital of art though? There are so many amazing exhibitions that show some of the best art from around the world but lets find out if it’s really the capital of cool.

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The Death Of The London Hipster

Is the end of the hipster coming? For a subculture more interested in Mediterranean ways of making coffees instead of going to war, they’ve made quite a few enemies. You can walk by street corners, under dimmed street lights and see the terms ‘hipsters, please leave.’, ‘hipster, you’re not hard done too, mummy pays for your retro glasses’ – or the online hate blogs such as Hackney Hipster Hate. Read more…


Lets Get Back To The Basics Of Music

These days when you go to a concert you expect to listen to a few songs, have fun with friends, maybe have a few drinks, go home and the next day talk about how great the experience was.

Sometimes it doesn’t end up like that. It seems there are issues from people not even at the concert on the conduct of the performer, on the songs being played and the general interaction that the artist has with his or her fans.

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